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The Rewards

Promotional Activities and Reward to Trade

This is an aid to push the brands into the market for deep penetration in the hawking channel.

The Mystery Shoppers will go around the hawking hubs and stylishly check for criteria, they will also systematically follow hawkers who have come to restock into the market. At location, team will pack observe different hawkers while they go about their daily activity for about 5-10 Minutes. The once that push for sales of the focus brands and has 12 Bottles of the focus brand will be selected and Selections of winners will be done by Client and Agency.

The winners were selected based on those who have met the criteria of stocking over 20 cases and have their names in the list submitted.

The client top officials would reward the hawkers and hub owners in each location with the dummy cheque to the winners  amidst music and paparazzi.


Coca cola (My Million don Land)

Coca-Cola realised that offtake for three of its variety products (Coke zero, Limca, and Fanta Apple) were very low compared to competitions.
So we designed a Four-in-one plan that can address the business challenge while also building Volume, Equity and CSR.

The ‘My Million Don Land’ concept was a multi-level reward mystery activation using Frank Edoho (Project Ambassador) as he is well know for ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ to spot retailers selling any of the 3 variants and reward them with the sum of N1million instantly at major high traffic location.

Which aggravates tremendous increase in the brand sales.


Coca cola (Gbe Bottle E)

Coca cola decided to roll back price of her PET Bottle from RRP of N150 to N100 across trade channels in unique ways in order to appeal to the value segment audience.
Agency researched and identified one of the favorite Artiste, Song and Unique dance step by a particular Artiste called Zlatan titled ``Gbe Body E`` among the target audience.
The Artiste was signed up as Ambassador using the song and titled of ``Gbe Bottle E`` (meaning Retailers and Wholesalers should carry Coca cola Bottle).


Coca cola (Win Beta Money)

This campaign is to drive awareness on the new 50/60CL pet price and develop a unique strategic experiential activity for rewarding retailers and Hubs while reigniting Consumer’s confidence
Retailers and Wholesalers were encouraged to participate by selling Coca cola at the new RRP of N100 and win cash reward instantly within two weeks of the Activation, sales went up by tremendous percentage across major channel.


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